Call for Nominations

Presidential & Executive, Ethics, and Financial Committees

Elections 2024

Call for Nominations

From: MSA Nominations and Regulations Committee

Date: 23 February 2024

Dear colleagues,

In line with the by-laws of the association, the Nominations and Regulations Committee (NRC) is now seeking nominations for:(a) the position of President (elect). The successful candidate will assume the role of President-elect in July 2024, become President in 2025, and past-President in 2026. A description with the tasks of MSA-presidents can be found here(b) membership of the Executive Committee; 2 positions. The 2 members elected to the executive will be appointed as of July 2024 for 3 years. Information on the business of the committee can be found in the minutes of recent meetings.(c) membership of the Ethics Committee; 3 positions. The 3  members elected to the ethics committee will be appointed as of July 2024 for 3 years. The Ethics Committee  act on the basis of the MSA Code of Conduct. It is in charge of arbitration in case of conflicts between MSA members. More fundamentally, it contributes to the evolution of the MSA Code of Conduct, building a body of rules through precedents. It l also makes statements and recommendations on ethical issues and will provides some guidance for researchers and practitioners belonging to the Memory Studies community. The MSA Ethics Committee has one member representing the Executive Committee and six individuals drawn from the general membership (of which at least two are PhD students). Any MSA member is eligible to run. Half of the Ethics Committee members is replaced annually(d) membership of the Financial Committee; 2 positions. The 2 members elected to the financial committee will be appointed as of July 2024 for 3 years. The Finance Committee is elected for a two-year term and conducts an independent annual audit of the MSA Executive’s finances.If you would like more information about the tasks entailed in any of these positions, please contact one of the current presidents.


All MSA members in good standing (i.e. who have paid their membership fees) may nominate candidates for these positions; self nominations are also welcome.  The deadline for nominations is Friday 5 April 2024. If you yourself are interested in any of these positions or if you would like to propose another member for one of these positions, please contact the NRC through e-mail by 5 April 2024. If you are nominating someone else, please make sure you have first ascertained their willingness to serve if elected. All nominations should include an email and a link to the nominee’s personal homepage so the NRC can contact them. An indication of interest is all that is needed at this stage. All initial proposals to the NRC will be treated in confidence.Once all the nominations have been finalized, the NRC will compose a shortlist of candidates following the guidelines set out in the amended by-laws (article 6). For the position of President (elect) 2-3 candidates will be proposed; for membership of the other Committees, 3-5 candidates will be proposed. Shortlisted candidates to the positions of President and to the membership of the Executive Committee will be asked to present themselves to the membership in a video presentation in the run-up to the election period (starting Monday, May 15, 2024).As per MSA bylaws, “The NRC is charged with taking into account questions of diversity related to discipline and region, as well as to gender, race, and sexuality when making nominations.” The MSA Nominations and Regulations CommitteeJie-Hyun LimJeff OlickValerie RosouxBarbara Törnquist-Plewa

Reach out if you have any questions or doubts: