Book Spotlight

Rome, 16 October 1943: History, Memory, Literature

Author: Mara Josi

Rome. Saturday 16 October 1943. This is where and when the largest single round-up and deportation of Jews from Italy happened. 1259 people were arrested by the German occupiers and gathered in a temporary detention centre for two days. They were eventually deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau from a local railway station, Stazione Tiburtina.

From December 1944, literary texts of this event have facilitated a national and international understanding and recollection of 16 October 1943. They have been bearers of historical awareness and channels of memory, not only outcomes of remembrance but also active ingredients in the process of forging cultural memory. In this pioneering interdisciplinary study drawing from literary and cultural memory studies, Mara Josi shows how 16 ottobre 1943 by Giacomo Debenedetti, La Storia by Elsa Morante, La parola ebreo by Rosetta Loy, and Portico d’Ottavia 13 by Anna Foa have operated on the personal and the collective level: in other words, on the reader and society.

Mara Josi obtained her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Before joining the University of Ghent as an FWO Post-doctoral Fellow, she was an IRC Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin and a lecturer at the University of Manchester.

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