One of the central purposes of the Memory Studies Association is to facilitate exchange between everyone interested in the field. With this in mind, we list here Centers, Institutes and Networks engaged in the study of memory – as well as other useful online resources. Please inform us of any websites you would like us to add here:

Memory Centers

Name University Homepage Contact Email
Center for Memory and Testimony Studies Wilfred Laurier University, Canada Marta Marín-Dòmine
Institute for Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Center for the Study of History and Memory University of Indiana, Bloomington John Bodnar
Centre for Studies in Memory and Literature University of Iceland Gunnþórunn Guðmundsdóttir
The Center for the Study of War and Memory University of South Alabama Steven Trout

Susan McCready

Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Brett Kaplan
Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory School of Advanced Study, University of London Katia Pizzi
Institute of Culture and Memory Studies Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Tanja Petrović 
Memory Studies Institute Lewis and Clark College
Memory Studies Research Cluster University of Nottingham Ute Hirsekorn
Lund Memory Studies Lund University Barbara Törnquist-Plewa
Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform Goethe University Astrid Erll
Konstanz Geschichte und Gedachtnis University of Konstanz Aleida Assmann
Cultural Memory Studies Initiative Ghent Univesity Stef Craps
Irish Memory Studies Network Dublin University Emilie Pine
Network in Transnational Memory Studies Utrecht University Ann Rigney Ann Rigney
akaKurdistan ?
Center for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence University of Montreal
Center for the Study of the American South University of South Carolina
Collected Visions
Uses of the Past Aarhus University Hans Lauge Hansen
Holocaust Research Institute London University, Royal Holloway  Dan Stone
King’s College Memory Group King’s College
Landless Voices University of Nottingham
Luce Program in Individual and Collective Memory Washington University Pascal Boyer
Memory at War. Cultural Dynamics in Poland, Russia and Ukraine Cambridge University
Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt Dr. Helmut Hammerich
Memory Studies The New School for Social Research Jonathan Bach
Oral History Society University of London, Holloway  Anne Gulland
The Raphael Samuel History Society London Kathy Pettit
Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories University of Brighton Ken Young
The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education Chapman University Marilyn Harran
Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media George Mason University
TAPAS/Thinking about the Past Ghent Univesity  Tessa Boeykens
TraMe (Centre for the Semiotic Studies of Memory) University of Bologna
The Association for the Study of Sociology of Memory and Culture BEKS Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Sociology Department (Turkey) Derya Fırat
The History and Memory research hub The University of Melbourne (Australia) Kate Darian-Smith
IHTP Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent CNRS / Paris Saint Denis University (France) Pascal Maytraud
ISP CNRS/Paris Nanterre University / ENS Paris Saclay (France) Sarah Gensburger
Labex Past in Present Paris Nanterre University (France) Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes
Telemme Aix Marseille University Maryline Crivello
CELAT Laval University (Quebec-Canada)
Núcleo de Estudios sobre Memoria / IDES / CONICET Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina) Claudia Feld
El Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos (Ex-ESMA)
IC-MEMO (International Committee of Memorial Museums)
Comisión Provincial por la Memoria de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Mnemonics: Network for Memory Studies Universiteit Gent Stef Craps
Contemporary Memory Politics in Spain in Comparative Perspective Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) Francisco Ferrándiz
Genealogies of Memory European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Jagna Jaworowska
Cultural Identity and Memory Studies Research Group University of St. Andrews Catherine O’Leary
Asociación Memorias en Red Independent
SELMA: Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory University of Turku, Finland Hanna Meretoja
Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics Nordic Summer University Eneken Laanes and Hanna Meretoja
The Memory Group University of Warwick Mark Philp
Holocaust Studies Haifa University Lea David
Digital Memories University of Leuven Silvana Mandolessi
Media, Memory and History Research Cluster Loughborough University / Emily Keightley
Memory Studies Portal Columbia University /
Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS) Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK), Belgrade, Serbia / Orli Fridman
Utrecht Forum for Memory Studies Utrecht University /
Connecting Memories Research Initiative The University of Edinburgh / Paul Leworthy
CROME: Crossed Memories, Politics of Silence. The Colonial-Liberation War in Postcolonial Times Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra Miguel Cardina
Centre for Public History, Heritage and Memory Nottingham Trent University,-heritage-and-memory2 Jenny Wüstenberg
Memory Studies Research Network, IIT Madras Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Merin Simi Raj and Avishek Parui
Laboratório de Estudos sobre os Usos Políticos do Passado (Luppa) Universidade Federal do rio Grande do Sul Fernando Nicolazzi
Born Cultural and Memorial Centre (Born CCM) Barcelona Culture Institute Marta Marín Dòmine
Interdepartmental Laboratory Memory and Society (LIMS) Università di Trento Giorgia Proietti
Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities
Institute for Creative Cultures, Coventry University Patricia Phillippy