Post-Socialist Memory in a Global Perspective: Postcolonialism, Post-transition, Post-trauma

The Post-Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies (PoSoCoMeS) working group is part of the Memory Studies Association. Our goal is to bring together researchers, activists, and practitioners working in and on post-socialist countries. We call for trans-regional comparative studies that connect Eastern Europe and Africa, Southern America and Asia, and result in broad conceptualizations of post-socialist memories.

The working group’s 1st conference is by far the largest event in MSA history outside of the annual conferences. Due to the pandemic it will take place exclusively online, from 21 September to 1 October, with over 100 paper presentations and plenary events. Conference registration is FREE for all MSA members: simply use the e-mail address under which you are registered with the MSA.  See for the programme and to register (using the Log In button in the top left-hand corner) and for more detailed registration instructions and answers to other frequently asked questions.