Memory Studies Association
Fifth Annual Conference


University of Warsaw, Poland
July 5-9, 2021

Most sessions took place as simultaneous, non-recorded events. This breadth of sessions allowed for a lively and enriching exchange of information amongst all participants. In addition to these events, a few special sessions were live-streamed and shared online also for non-MSA members. You can continue to watch these fascinating events on our Youtube Warsaw playlist, or by clicking on each session below.

Exhibition of Works by Wilhelm Sasnal, “Such a Landscape”, in the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Guided Tour by Luiza Nader (Art Critic) and Adam Szymczyk (Curator)
Chairs: Katarzyna Chmielewska, Paweł Dobrosielski

Speakers: Samer Alnasir, Magdalena Heydel, Kornelia Kończal, Jie-Hyun Lim, Alicia Salomone
Chairs: Mischa Gabowitsch, Lana Lovrenčić

Title: Memory of Colonial Enslavement: Convergent Activism
Chair: Jenny Wüstenberg

Title: European Memory and Politics: A Crisis of What?
Chair: Małgorzata Pakier

Title: Breaking the Rules: Writing as Yourself. A Conversation Between Emilie Pine, Author of “Notes to Self”, and Sara Jones
Chair: Stef Craps

Title: The Implicated Subject: Rethinking Memory and Responsibility. Michael Rothberg in conversation with Sakiru Adebayo, Katarzyna Bojarska, Erica Lehrer, and Monica Szurmuk
Chair: Jeffrey Olick

Speakers: Piotr Maciej Majewski, Günter Morsch, Anne Wetsi Mpoma, Dwandalyn Reece, Miloš Řezník
Chair: Zofia Wóycicka

Open Meeting with all MSA members
Chairs: Jenny Wüstenberg, Jeffrey Olick, Aline Sierp, Hanna Teichler

Title: Remembering Dark Times. Anne Applebaum and Agnieszka Holland in conversation with Sofia Dyak and Simon Lewis
Chair: Roma Sendyka

Award ceremony for the MSA First Book Award 2021
Award Winner: Dominic Meng-Hsuan Yang’s “The Great Exodus from China”
Speakers: Letty Chen, Rebecca Nedostup, Carol Gluck, Steven Brown
Chair: Stef Craps

Local co-organizers