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Archive of videos and photos from the event

Copenhagen, 13-16 December 2017

Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association 

MSA Forward: Early Career Researchers in Memory Studies 

The day before the Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association, MSA Forward provided a forum for PhD students to explore the connection of their research to Memory Studies. MSA Forward offers a platform for exchanging ideas with a cohort of early researchers, learning about recent developments in Memory Studies and interacting with key academics in the field. Through flash presentations, PhD students had the opportunity to discuss the specific ways their research connects with Memory Studies and to receive feedback from established scholars.

Participants explored the role of Memory Studies in individual PhD projects by engaging with the following questions: What connections does the PhD thesis establish with Memory Studies? In which ways do case studies or primary texts engage with issues of remembrance and forgetting? Which methodology are used and why? Are the memory frameworks employed transcultural, transnational, multidirectional, palimpsestic, or something else?

In the afternoon, we hosted a career café and enjoyed Copenhagen’s nightlife with a PhD dinner and drinks.

Cinthia Balé, PhD student from IDEAS-UNSAM/CONICET in Argentina, holds:

“The Memory Studies Association’s second annual conference provided a special forum for PhD students to explore the connection of our research to memory studies. A day before the conference began, twenty three early researchers coming from different parts of the world gathered in the University of Copenhagen to present our projects, exchange ideas and share our research experiences. The workshop turned out to be a great meeting platform and, I believe, it set up the basis for future dialogue among new generations of memory scholars.”

Read the full conference report here.

Adebayo Sakiru Sam, PhD student at University of Witwatersrand (South Africa), comments on the workshop:

“Following the presentations on each panel, the respondents gave their comments before the audience could make contributions or ask questions. Each presenter had a respondent who had read the paper beforehand. The most interesting and, perhaps, sensitive part of the event was when the respondents gave their feedbacks on the papers and presentations. The respondents which included Antje Gunsenheimer, Jan Rupp, Wulf Kansteiner, Jeffrey Ollick, Pavan Malreddy, Emilie Pine, Rebecca Dolgoy, Sarah Gensburger and Stef Craps showed remarkable enthusiasm and commitment in their constructive criticisms and suggestions. They also asked for clarifications and made recommendations on the individual papers assigned to them.”

Read his full conference report here.

Emilie Pine, Associate Professor (University College Dublin) and respondent to our PhD candidates, emphasizes:

“It is inspirational to see the work being done by graduate students across such a diverse range of topics within the broad field of memory studies. The papers I read and responded to really showed the potential for future research directions being led by students. And it was great to be part of the conversations between panels – that’s where you get to know students and faculty, and see networks forming.”

Stef Craps, Associate Professor (Ghent University) and respondent to our Phd candidates, comments:

“It was a delight to hear about and engage with the exciting research being carried out by the PhD students, who represent the future of the field, in the paper sessions. Moreover, the career café provided an excellent informal opportunity for them to receive advice on a variety of professional matters from those of us who have been at it a little longer.”

Questions? Ideas? Contact us via msaforward@memorystudiesassociation.org

Photos from the Event

Images 2, 3, 4 and 6 courtesy of Nick Karvounis at Unsplash.com.