Online Course: Conflict, Knowledge, and Memory

April 16th, 2024 – July 16th, 2024

Host by: Freie Universität Berlin, Interdisciplinary Studies of the Middle East

This course proposes an inquiry into the academic and cultural experiences of writing and rewriting history in Palestine and in Syria. It combines different approaches and intellectual schools from the epistemic question of “decolonizing” knowledge to the impact of today’s information revolution as a factor in cultural production and political representations.

The course emphasizes transdisciplinary discussions on the nature of conflicts and their features. Contribution to national-self building is explored through the lens of statelessness in the Palestinian case and the one-party state and ensuant civil war in the Syrian case. It brings in an original combination of dissent/subaltern literature and the questioning of the philosophical concept of civil society and the legal and political definition of the state. It tracks evolutions and mechanisms of knowledge production in contexts of “exile”, “estrangement” and “conflictual narratives”, as it explores alternative forms of expression and representations within the visual arts, popular culture, and the proliferation of personal and oral history accounts.

Sessions will be presented/led by both instructors, both facilitating discussions with a focus on student participation and the co-produced, interactive progress of the course. They include watching and discussing visual materials: visual arts, films and literature, documentary material as well as an experimental and interaction experiences with OpenAI -ChatGPT.


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