International PhD Conference: Rewriting the History: Changing the Reading of the Past

Charles University | 13-14 June, 2024

Online & In Person

Call for Papers Deadline May 12th, 2024

The international PhD students conference Rewriting the History: Changing the Reading of the Past focuses on a number of issues related to the reinterpretation of history and the renewal of memory during the last decades due to new political and social concerns. The conference is organized by the Department of Historical Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. It will be held between 13th-14th JUNE 2024, online & in-person.

The main research areas are:

  • The ideologisation of history and myth-making
  • Militarized patriotism and national-patriotic version of history
  • The socio-political contemporary history of Ukraine
  • Active remembering and selective forgetting
  • Memory as a soft-power: a malleable resource
  • Historical policy and instrumentalisation of the past
  • Romanticisation of crime and reimagining violence
  • Reinterpretation history as a “revanchist programme”
  • Visual culture in the politics of reproduction
  • Reclaiming silenced historical narratives
  • Historical traces of the present: the use of commemorative practices
  • Structural transformations of the public sphere from past to future

To submit an abstract (max. 200 words) please complete the online form at the or via email no later than the 12th of May, 2024. Please also provide your academic degree and affiliation.

For any questions relating to the conference, please email