Zumkehr Lectures on Public Memory

In the Zumkehr Lectures, hosted by the University of Ohio, scholars from a number of disciplines and from all over the world examine the ways in which our understanding of the past continues to shape our present and future. From memorials to museums to popular media, the meaning of the past is continuously revised and revisited. Some of the addressed topics are:

  • Patricia Davis: African American Memory Practices, Negotiation, and the Politics of Identity
  • Kendall Phillips: Rhetorical Approaches to Difficult Memories
  • Teresa Bergman: Commemoration and Diversity
  • Barry Schwartz: Collective Memory
  • Ekaterina Haskins: The City of Victors
  • Patrick Hagopian: Contentious Memories: Confederate Memorials
  • Derek Alderman: Martin Luther King Jr. Streets as Unfinished Civil Rights Work
  • Jocelyn Martin: The Prospect of a Filipino Memory Studies
  • Stef Craps: Climate Change and the Art of Anticipatory Memory

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