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Co-Chairs: Rebecca Dolgoy

As Memory Studies grows as a field, the “how” questions have started to take their place alongside the “what” and the “why” questions that guide and inspire our collective work. The Methodologies Working Group (MWG) aims to facilitate discussion about the “how” questions in order to develop better understandings of the epistemologies and ethics that underpin the field. We also aim to explore approaches that open up the field by experimenting with methodologies that break down disciplinary/interdisciplinary divides or that negotiate the local, national, and transnational dimensions of research in Memory Studies. The MWG seeks to engage in active and ethical collaboration and experimentation both among our members, but also between our members and local communities in the various locations where MSA events occur.

This mailing list aims to facilitate scholarly exchange on theoretical and methodological issues as well as to share among its participants information on relevant publications, conferences, workshops and funding opportunities among. Besides organizing themed panels at the annual MSA conferences, the network aims to organize regular network meetings and to facilitate joint conferences/workshops and publications whenever possible. We therefore strongly invite participants of the working group to share with colleagues thoughts and relevant information via this platform.

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