MSA 2021 Special Issue
in Memory Studies

“Memory and Crisis”

You may have seen that the MSA is currently preparing and welcoming submissions for its 2022 Special Issue in the journal Memory Studies (deadline: December 15, 2021. Go read the CfP and submit here!). If you’d like to know what other special issues the MSA has edited in the past, wonder no more: the latest 2021 special issue is now available!

The 2021 Special Issue, edited by Jeffrey Olick (University of Virginia) and Hanna Teichler (Goethe University Frankfurt), is born out of the (unfortunately cancelled) MSA Fourth Annual Conference 2020 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. The overarching theme is “Memory and Crisis”, and the final issue counts with the following sections:

  • Part I: Politics of Commemoration
  • Part II: American Exceptionalism
  • Part III: Memory, Crisis, and Democracy
  • Part IV: Covid Times

You can find the full issue here. Please note that all active MSA members receive free access to the journal Memory Studies.

We hope that you will find this issue interesting and inspiring, and we are looking forward to receiving your submission for the next MSA-edited Special Issue of Memory Studies.