Presidential & Executive Committee

Elections 2021

Dear MSA members,

The elections to our association’s executive will be taking place as planned this Spring. The election period will begin on 28 February and continue until 28 March. During this period, all MSA members will have a chance to cast their online ballot through the MSA website. A link to the online ballot box will be sent to all members at the opening of the voting period.

As announced earlier, the elections this year will entail (a) voting for a President (elect) and (b) voting for 6 members of the Executive Committee. The Nominations and Regulations Committee has now completed the nominations process and are presenting the following candidates to the membership.

For the position of President (elect) there are two candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Stef Craps
  • Sarah Gensburger

More information about the candidates and their ideas about the future of the MSA will come soon. Members will be asked to vote for one of the two candidates.

For the 6 positions on the Executive Committee there are a total of 15 candidates. This election is unusual in requiring the (re)election of all 6 members of the executive and marks a transition to a rotating system in which only 2 of the 6 members will be replaced on an annual basis. With this in mind, the Nominations and Regulations Committee has grouped the 15 candidates into three slates, according to whether they are going for a 1-year, 2-year, of 3-year tenure on the Executive Committee. Members are accordingly asked to cast their vote for 2 candidates in each of the 3 slates (for a total of 6 candidates).

Slate 1:  1-Year Tenure

  • Francisco Férrandiz
  • Alicia Salomone
  • Tea Sindbæk Andersen
  • Hanna Teichler
  • Joanna Wawrzyniak

Slate 2: 2-Year Tenure

  • Lucy Bond
  • Jelena Đureinović
  • Sang-Hyun Kim
  • Ben Nienass
  • Jessica Ortner

Slate 3: 3-Year Tenure

  • Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
  • Catherine Gilbert
  • Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska
  • Ulla Savolainen
  • John Sutton

More information about these candidates and their vision for the future of the MSA will be forthcoming.

Finally a reminder: only paid-up members of the MSA are eligible to vote. If you have yet to sign up (or renew your membership), click here and do so now.

On behalf of the Nominations and Regulations Committee (Astrid Erll, Bill Hirst, Ann Rigney, Michael Rothberg).