The working group on Post-Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies—PoSoCoMeS—will hold its first regional conference on Sep 24-26, 2020, in Chisinau, Moldova. One of the purposes of this conference is to allow scholars and practitioners from the post-socialist countries of Europe and Eurasia to meet even if they cannot afford to travel to the annual convention (where PoSoCoMeS is also organizing its own stream of panels again). Travel to Moldova is visa free for citizens of over 100 countries; the cost of attending the conference will be kept as low as possible, and we are working to raise money for additional scholarships. Of course, applications from those living outside the former socialist world but working in comparative memory studies will also be highly welcome!

A formal call for abstracts will be circulated in a few weeks. In the meantime, please write to posocomes@gmail. com if you would like to help organize parts of the conference.