Elections for the Ethics & Finance Committees 2021

Deadline for Nominations: November 1, 2021

Election Period: December 1-15, 2021

There will soon be elections for the Ethics & Finance Committees! Are you interested in running for a place on any of the Committees? If so, please send us a one-page nomination paper! More information about the Committees follows:

The MSA Ethics Committee

The MSA Code of Conduct echoes the principles of civility, integrity, freedom, accountability and respect which inspire the charters of ethics recently adopted by numerous professional organisations such as the American Political Science Association, the British Sociological Association, the French Political Science Association, the European Charter for Researchers and others. Most of these organisations felt the necessity to create an ethics committee in order to ensure the effectiveness of these codes of conduct. First, the MSA Ethics Committee will be in charge of arbitration in case of conflicts between MSA members. Second, and more fundamentally, it will contribute to the evolution of the MSA Code of Conduct, building a body of rules through precedents. It will also make statements and recommendations on ethical issues and will provide some guidance for researchers and practitioners belonging to the Memory Studies community.

The MSA Ethics Committee counts seven members:

  • One designated member, representing the Executive Committee
  • Six elected members, among which two PhD candidates

The MSA Finance Committee

Every two years, MSA members elect a Finance Committee, consisting of two MSA members who may not be on the Executive Committee. The Finance Committee must audit the balance sheets and the statement of income and expenditure of the Association and must report its findings to the General Meeting.

Any MSA members can apply for a MSA Ethics or Finance Committee position. To be considered, the candidates must send a nomination statement (no longer than one page long), as well as a short bio, to the MSA Executive Committee via info@memorystudiesassociation.org before November 1, 2021. Elections will take place in December 1-15, 2021.