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Third Annual Memory Studies Association Conference
Working Groups Call For Papers

June 25-28th, 2019

Madrid, Spain

The Calls for Papers on this page are authored by co-leaders of the MSA Working Groups. In some cases, the individual deadlines of these Calls have already passed but it might be worth a try to contact the group leaders in any case.

WG Memory & Gender Call for Papers

WG Work, Class & Memory Call for Papers

WG Human Rights & Memory Call for Papers

WG Memory & Arts Call for Papers

WG Witnessing Call for Papers

WG Global Memories Call for Papers

WG Memory & Trauma Call for Papers

WG Performance and Memory Call for Papers

WG Post-socialist and Comparative Memory Studies Call for Papers

WG Memory & Migration Call for Papers

WG Memory & Populism Call for Papers

Regional Group Memory in Latin America Call for Papers

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