Call for Papers

Annual Conference on Holocaust Studies and/in Generational Perspectives

29/30 June 2023, Newcastle University, in person | 22 May 2023, online only

The British and Irish Association for Holocaust Studies is welcoming paper and panel proposals on the broad theme of ‘generational perspectives’ on the Holocaust. Holocaust is understood here both in terms of (a) changing epistemologies and methods pursued by different generations of Holocaust scholars and (b) the significance of generational identities or concepts for the experiencing generation and subsequent age groups’ engagement with the Holocaust.

Key questions and aspects for papers and panels include:

  • Generation-specific dimensions of Nazi persecution: what did it mean to be a child, a young(er) adult, or an older person during Nazi rule?
  • Intergenerational transmission of lived Holocaust experience.
  • ‘Grandpa wasn’t a Nazi’: Innerfamilial and intergenerational transmission of perpetrator narratives.
  • Generational concepts and imagined communities in survivor testimonies.
  • Languages and/of/in the Holocaust: The role of multi-lingualism and language barriers for communicating the Holocaust.
  • Literary and/or filmic representations of generational dimensions of Nazi persecution.
  • Holocaust education of the young in schools and universities: teaching materials, approaches, goals, results, feedback.
  • New media, new audiences? The role of new media for Holocaust education.
  • New media and new technologies: The role of new technologies for contemporary scholarly Holocaust projects.
  • Digital technologies and methods of virtual memorialisation for the ‘post-witness era’.
  • Generational approaches in Holocaust scholarship.
  • Challenges to the notion of ‘generations’ as a model for understanding the inheritance or transmission of Holocaust memory.
  • Feminist or queer perspectives on ‘generations’.
  • Holocaust Studies: changing perspectives and approaches over time.

Timeline and Procedure:

Please send proposals for papers (not more than 150 words) and panels (not more than 500 words for a panel of three contributions), together with a short biography that includes information on the most relevant publications (up to 200 words) to, clearly indicating whether you wish to be considered for the online or in-person event.

Delegates of the in-person event will have access to the online portion of the conference, but we are unfortunately unable to facilitate online access to the in-person event.

Closing date for both events: 28th Feb 2023

 Find out more on the BIAHS website: